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Online Teaching Jobs That Pay Good Salary


Online Teaching Jobs That Pay Good Salary: Speak English? Do you like to travel? Do you have a laptop? If you can say “check, check and check” then we have the option for you – homework online at a distance! If you are interested in teaching abroad but are worried about getting involved somewhere, we have good news: Teaching is one of the highest-paid jobs at home online, and it is also one of the fastest-growing careers for teleworkers.


There is a particular need for online TEFL teachers as there is a great demand for learning English in Asia, especially in China. You can earn income while gaining experience from international students and retain the flexibility to work online. Here are some of the best online teaching jobs option available.

Top 06 Online Teaching Jobs That Pay Good Salary

The great thing about online tutoring services is that you can not only get paid to speak English, but you can also find opportunities to teach English online without experience. If you want to travel while getting paid to speak English, dive into the 16 highest paying online teaching jobs you can do anywhere in the world with your laptop.

1. Qkids

If your schedule is already busy enough, Qkid’s teaching options may be perfect. Lessons usually take place between 5:40 and 8:10, 7 days a week, and after 19:40. Friday and Saturday. You can earn up to $ 20 per hour teaching English online for Chinese students ages 5-12.

  • Requirements: Must be resident in the United States or Canada and have a bachelor’s degree or be currently enrolled in a college program. Applicants must be able to teach more than 6 hours per week and have previous teaching experience.
  • Average salary: ~ 16-20 USD per hour

2. DadaABC

DadaABC is a reputable Chinese company that learns English online. They collaborate with the American TESOL Institute, Pearson, Highlights, and National Geographic Learning. Teachers can expect to work individually with children between 4 and 16 years of age. Lessons are held daily and tutors can set timing as per their convenience.

  • Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and be able to work 10 hours a month.
  • Average salary: ~ 17-18 USD per hour

3. Cambly

Cambly differs slightly from other online education platforms. Rather than a formal program, this is an application where (for a fee) pupils from across the globe connect via an app to communicate with tutors online. If you want to get paid to speak English, you have the chance now! In addition, you can work as much as you want. Log in when it suits you or you can book a scheduled service.

  • Requirements: only as a native English speaker.
  • Average salary: $ 0.17 per minute (approximately $ 10.20 USD per hour), receive your earnings every Monday via Paypal.

4. Italian

Italki is the best market for online language tutors across the globe, meaning that no matter what language you speak, from Japanese to German, you can register yourself to teach at Italki. Another difference from other online education platforms is that with Italki you decide what fee you charge. (Before you get too thrilled, be mindful that if you value yourself too much, you will not have many students!)

  • Requirements: You must have the language you choose to teach as a mother tongue. Two different levels of language teaching are available: social studies teacher (does not need a teacher certification) and professional teacher (requires a university degree, professional certification, and prior teaching experience).
  • Average Salary : You set your own rates, but teachers typically earn ~ $ 12 – $ 25 per hour

5. English Landic

More than 1,000 teachers working for Landi English currently enjoy their place-independent lifestyle. Landi uses a student-oriented teaching way known as Peer Study based on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). If you are considering teaching English online without experience, Landi English may be the perfect choice for you as they welcome anyone who wants to develop and grow in a teaching career.

  • Requirements: be qualified to work in the US, UK, or Canada, speak English at the language level and have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Average salary: ~ 16-23 USD per hour

06. Englishhunt

This virtual internet-based teaching platform is searching for people who are native English speakers based in the USA to give classes to Korean pupils studying business. You will be required to take conversational English lectures with adult students through software Get and installed on the laptop/PC. The lectures are one-to-one in-person virtual lectures and are of 10-20 minutes duration. The syllabus is provided and you can pursue this job from anywhere across the globe.

  • Requirements: Must be a citizen of the USA residing anywhere across the globe with 48 hours of college credits or a TEFL/ESL certificate.
  • Average salary: ~$10-12 USD hourly

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