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How to prepare for IIT JEE? Here are the top Tips for you


There is no so-called best time for preparing JEE. Some aspirants start from 8th class or some start the preparation from 10th class but preparation without self-determination is impossible. Every science student dreams of clearing JEE exam because it is the most important exam which will be given the most rewarding boot to your career. JEE exam mainly concentrates on the preparation of physics, mathematics and chemistry subjects. Keep in mind that early schooling is the foundation stone for the next coming years of your life. Ensure that you have good resources in physics, chemistry and maths notes. Better grades in schools will help in attaining good scores in JEE exam, college exams as well as it will reflect your learning abilities in securing a job.


In previous years, JEE exam was famous by the name of IIT-JEE which was a combination of 2 exams. Now the JEE exam has been modified to JEE Main and Advanced which will help you in applying in all the engineering colleges throughout India, it can be either private college or government college. There are certain points which should be considered while preparing for the exam.


  • Knowledge of the syllabus and Exam pattern


It should be kept in mind that JEE exam comprises of the 11th as well as 12th class syllabus. For getting a good rank in JEE exam, one should prepare well for physics, chemistry, and maths but before preparation, you should know the exact syllabus of all the subjects. Along with the revision and learning the subjects multiple times, you should practice ample amount of problems such that you can have a good grip on all the subjects.

When you have knowledge regarding the exam pattern, you try to start the exam in such a way that you will get confidence while solving the easier part instead of sticking to the difficult question and losing confidence. The mock test helps you to identify the weak spots in your preparation. You will be allotted 3 hours to complete the exam and all the 3 subjects have equal weight of marks such that giving less deal to any topic is not a good deal.


  • Importance of NCERT books


Many students try to learn from different textbooks but basic structure or foundation of the subject must start from reading and grasp knowledge from NCERT books because JEE exams, as well as 12th exam, focus on the concepts along with solving numerically. Try to maintain a timetable which will help you to focus on the topics very precisely. Group study is also a good option in preparation of the exams. But at the end of the day self-study is the main source of knowledge.


  • Coaching Classes


Along with self-learning, one should get coaching either online or offline. Coaching helps you in preparing the subjects one step ahead among others and you will have the fundamental concepts on your fingertips. Both the coaching style have their own advantages and disadvantages but you should join at least one among the two. Coaching classes will help you in preparing the subjects as per the exam standards such that you can prepare yourself with the help of mock tests. Study material will help you to clear the concepts in no time. The questionnaire provided by the coaching centres will help you to practice the multiple levels of questions.


  • Maintaining Health


Health is an important part while preparing for the exams. If your health is not good then you will face difficulties while preparing the exam. Proper diet, as well as rest, should be maintained along with the study. Good health will help you in proper concentration while preparing any subject. You should follow a daily routine which comprises of 30 to 45 minutes of exercise, eat more protein and vitamins rich diet, and take a bath every day, drink at least 3 liters of water every day.


  • Avoid distractions


Sometimes you will feel boredom in that case you will try to use social networking sites for enjoyment. This enjoyment will leads you in wasting 3 to 4 hours of your crucial time. Instead of using Facebook, Instagram you can spend time with your family or you can take a walk in the nearby area which helps you in refreshing your mind and body. Coaching helps you to give extra knowledge but if you have the urge to look into social network then no one can help you in preparation.


  • Maintain a Daily Diary


Every night you should write a note in your diary regarding the work you have done in a whole day. This will help you in maintaining a schedule and helps you in realizing the strong and weak points. Like where did you waste your maximum time? , What you can do in the upcoming days? , How you can adjust your timings for completing the remaining tasks?

Try to make checkpoints in your learning time. This will help you to solve or discuss your maximum problems with your friends and teachers. The most crucial time in your life are those 2 years of your schooling. As JEE consists of 2 level of exams and for securing a seat in IIT’s you have to clear both the Main and Advanced exam with good ranks. Try to implement these certain points and your preparation will give you a sure shot in achieving a good rank.

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