Different Types of Work From Home Jobs- Salary, Qualifications & How To Apply

Working online is no longer Big troublesome question, there is a huge number of jobs available for everyone for every age group and skill set. Working Online helps the candidate to showcase his skill to a greater audience and can make a lot of money by doing it as well.

People who are looking for work, or students or even homemakers who have a certain skill and are ready to dedicate some time towards working online can make a passive income and a study stream of revenue as well.

Let’s talk about the number of requirements happening every day, please understand the Digital world is running round the clock, and the recruiters are posting their requests as there is a need. The supply and demand are always there in the Freelancing world, All you need to do is to find the jobs which are open for work. So you have to be read and grab the open opportunity and put the best step forward.

The candidates can take various job roles and some are which mentioned below, please read the article carefully, you might land in the sea of opportunity.

  • Form Filling Jobs.
  • Data Entry Jobs
  • Chat Support Jobs
  • Online Survey Jobs
  • Typing jobs

Different Types of Work From Home Jobs

  • Online Form Filling Jobs:

Under this job, you need to fill the form with the information and data provided by the company. You will be getting 10 to 15 from on average efficiency and accuracy is the key.

  • Online Data Entry Jobs:

Under this Job you need to make sure you use your typing skills to enter the data given to you by the company into the form they have asked for, it can be the conversion of using data from various documents, books, or even office work.

  • Online Chat Support:

Under this job, the candidate offers his services to help and solve queries of the customer landing on the chatbot. Generally, these Services are being used by product-based companies.

  • Online Survey Jobs:

Under this job, the candidate is being paid to provide his advice which is pure and accurate to improve their product and skills. The idea is to answer the question about the new products or services and provide their opinion.

  • Online Typing Jobs:

Under this job, the candidate is required to write the various documents and change their form to another using different software such EXECL, MS-WORD, etc.

  • Online Resume Writing:

Under this job, the candidate should use his presentational skills and showcase the abilities of the person in the resume. Resume writing is been in high demand as people are interested to make sure they present themself in the right manner from the Resume itself.

  • Online Tutoring Jobs:

Under this, the candidates are required to teach and explain one subject to the learner who needs understanding the same. Online jobs are at power with various other jobs and provide you with a sustainable revenue stream all you need is Good communication skill and in-depth knowledge of subjects which you can teach other. Management skills, communication skills, patience are the virtue of Online teachers.

  • Online Transalation jobs:

As the name suggests, the candidates are required to convert the documents from one language to another language, the jobs can be different but will be related to conversion.

So if you know more than two languages you can apply for the same.

Work From Home Jobs Important Details


The candidates who want to apply for the job should have the basic skills right and have a basic understanding of the skills required. The candidates having basic Clearance from Highschool (10th or 12th), or Graduate or even a Diploma holder can apply for work from a home-based job. The recruiters are looking for skills hence the mentioned skill below will help you to excel and have an international approach to the work.

  • Typing speed
  • Acuracy]
  • Basic Knowledge of computers
  • Knowledge Of MS Word, Excel.
  • Valid Email id
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • A bank account
  • Adequate time for the Online job

Application Fee:

As of now, the Freelancing websites are not charging any fees initially, you can use their platform to showcase your skills and make sure you land yourself a job and at the end of the process, you will be paying a small percentage from your pay to the platform.


There is always an Average pay rate per hour is maintained by the Freelancer community which is $10 per hour to $30 per hour. The point is to charge more per hour basic you need to build your credibility in the space and grow with it.

The average payout is $15, making a monthly income of somewhere between $2000 to $5000. And as far as the experienced people, they can earn $3000 to $6000/month.

Age Limits:

In the world of Freelancing, there is no cap on Age, and that is the beauty of it, people of all ages from retried personal to someone as young as a college student can share their skill and start earning.

Selection Process:

  • The selection process to land yourself and a job is one of the easiest parts of the freelancing world. All you need to do is to create an account and choose your skills correctly co-aligned with your field of work. Post that you be required to send a proposal, which should be great and accountable showing your skills and what you can do for them.
  • As far as the organization is considered they would be doing a screening of the employees through various tests and interviews such as Typing tests etc.

Some companies will be asked to do Dummy work, which is shadowing the work of someone, Hence all candidates must stay persistent in all kinds of jobs, the result will come.


There are various types of work from home jobs by which you can earn money without any huge investment.

The PayScale details are as follow:

Typing Work Average Payment Daily work Earnings daily
Form Filling $1 – $2 1-3Hours $2 -$5
Content Writing work Rs. 0.50 2000-4000 Words $8 -$14
Text Typing Rs. 10 – Rs.25 20 Pages $5 – $8
Data Entry Work Rs. 40 – Rs.200 hourly 4-5 Hours $8 – $15
Ad Copywriting Rs. 0.75 per word 1K-2.5K Words $15 – $20
Audio To Text Rs. 160 – Rs.320 / Hour 3 Hours $9 – $13
Translation Typing Rs. 130 – Rs.200 for one Page 15 Pages $16 – $30
Proof-Reading job Rs. 250 – Rs.500 / Hour 2.5-3 Hours $16 – $24


Please follow the steps to kick start your career in the Digital world:

  1. Review all the platforms offering the Freelancing opportunity.
  2. Creating your profile, your profile is the main tool. Stronger the profile of the Freelancer the stronger the chance of getting hired for the job.
  3. Certifications on the profile bring in Credibility.
  4. Any Accomplishments that you have achieved please put them across your profile.

TIP: Please make sure you visit the profile of the top Freelancer in the community and on these websites and hence do a self-analysis and apply in the same domain.

This will help you to create a great profile and will get the necessary inspiration for work.

  • Make sure you Highlight your skills
  • The submitted application will all be gone under review, hence please make sure you have put all the details correctly.
  • The approval of the same will be provided to you, hence you need to follow the instructions present in the mail.
  • Now after doing all this it’s important to upload your resume on various other websites as well, that are looking for Freelancers on a full-time basis.

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