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16 Online Typing Jobs You Can Do From Home


Looking for employment in the quickly expanding online typing and data entry sector? Find out which businesses are now looking to hire typists and which job-search websites work the best.


When it comes to internet job advertisements, the term “typing” is frequently used as a catch-all to include activities like data entry, video captioning, and transcription (among many others).

And while work-at-home typing jobs may have begun as a well-liked business concept for women (and particularly for stay-at-home parents), now people from all walks of life are taking advantage of these changes.

Online typing jobs vary in pay rates, and certain specialties call for specialized tools, certification, or training. Overall though, it’s simple to get started in the industry (even if you’re a total novice). Even though there are certain frauds you should be aware of, typing is a genuine internet profession that may pay you well – up to $20 per hour in some situations.

Various online typing positions

Online typing jobs often fall into one of two categories. The first, audio from dictations, phone conversations, videos, lectures, and podcasts is converted to text. The second task, known as data entry, is entering textual data from forms, files, or applications into computer databases.

Data entry tasks normally pay between $5 and $20 per hour, whereas transcribing positions often pay between $15 and $45 per hour. You might increase your transcribing service prices if you complete a certification or training course.

Best Places to do Online Typing Jobs

1. FlexJobs

One of the finest sources to locate full-time work-from-home employment in any industry, including typing, is FlexJobs. The website provides flexible, remote, and freelance employment that has all been thoroughly vetted to ensure they are real possibilities.

Employers frequently want candidates with at least three years of administrative experience and/or certifications.

The monthly fee for the premium site FlexJobs is $14.99. You are able to read the job postings, but not the application data, for free. Therefore, your best course of action is to browse the website and only register if you discover possibilities that might be a good fit.

2. Lionbridge Smart Crowd

Lionbridge Smart Crowd has been providing work-from-home possibilities to people all around the world for more than 20 years. You must give information about your schooling, language abilities, and areas of experience in order to join up. You’ll be given jobs that match your skill set as soon as you’re accepted.

You will perform transcribing or data entry work as an independent contractor, and you will be paid once per month. Each task’s rate is determined by the anticipated productivity required to finish it.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform that details independent contractors and customers, much to Upwork. However, there are a few significant changes between the two websites.

Clients submit tasks on Upwork and await bids. On Fiverr, however, it works the opposite way around: freelancers create “gigs” with predetermined costs and turnaround times that clients can then “purchase” whenever they need them. A client may not even contact you during the ordering process; instead, they’ll pay, submit their papers and instructions, and wait for the delivery of their job.

Both benefits and drawbacks apply to this strategy. On the one hand, it’s simpler to find employment when you have little experience because you just need one pitch and don’t need to create one specifically for each customer.

4. Rev

Over 50,000 English-speaking transcriptionists are employed by Rev Rev to serve its more than 170,000 customers. For Rev, there are daily options for hundreds of freelance transcribing jobs.

You must pass a grammar exam and finish a transcribing sample in order to be hired for this position. After being accepted, you may choose how much or how little you want to work and start getting paid every week via PayPal. Rev transcriptionists make $245 a month on average.

5. Indeed

You may locate many different (and frequently well-known) organizations that offer work-at-home positions for positions like online data entry clerks by conducting a short search on the job site Indeed.

Data entry clerk job ad on Indeed from LimeBike.
It’s better to set up an alert on the website because these come and go rapidly. By doing this, you’ll be notified by email whenever a new job posting that meets your requirements is published.

Being the largest employment board in the world, Indeed, posts are not always verified. Do your research before applying for a job you find on the website: seek information about the business on detailedIn, and go through the Glassdoor employee evaluations.

6. Quicktate

Legal and medical records, voicemails, phone calls, conference calls, letters, and memoranda can all be transcribed using Quicktate. Big-name companies like CNN, Ford, Wells Fargo, and Coca-Cola are among its clientele. You must pay for and pass a background check before applying to become a Quicktate contractor. You must also pass a typing test.

Your pay varies according to the sort of transcribing you’re performing; for example, medical transcription pays more ($0.01 every two words) than general transcription ($0.01 per four words). Weekly payments will be made to you via PayPal.

7. Upwork

The biggest and most reputable freelance marketplace is Upwork. On the website, thousands of jobs are available, and new listings are updated often.

Finding your first job might be challenging due to the intense competition for jobs. Here is a thorough explanation of how to get started from someone who has extensively used Upwork as both hiring and working platform.

The fact that new freelancers frequently have to drastically undercut their prices is one of the drawbacks of Upwork. When you don’t have any reviews on the site, clients are considerably less inclined to employ you, therefore you might need to set your pricing aggressively to land a few jobs.

When you do, you’ll discover that the website is brimming with reliable employment and a fantastic location to generate money.

8. TranscribeMe

Fast, inexpensive, and accurate audio and video transcription services are available from TranscribeMe. You must pass an English proficiency exam and create a WorkHub account in order to work as a transcriptionist with TranscribeMe.

Following completion of both steps, you may begin working and get between $15 and $22 via PayPal for each hour of audio you transcribe. You’ll get paid more if you have experience in either legal or medical transcribing.

9. AccuTran Worldwide

AccuTran Global, founded in 2002, offers transcription services to clients all around the world. To assist them satisfy the expectations of their clients, the Canadian firm employs transcribing contractors operating in the United States. You need to be detail-oriented and deadline-driven in order to work with AccuTran Global.

You will have the opportunity to record press conferences, focus groups, corporate meetings, panel presentations, and more if AccuTran hires you.

10. Scribie

When seeking alternative revenue streams, Scribie is one of the top online typing jobs you may choose from. The task requires accurate typing while listening to a collection of audio files.
You must go through a certification procedure as a member of this platform in order to be accredited for the possibilities they provide.

The files are brief and might be as little as one minute long. You may anticipate making $5 to $25 per hour and each audio file. You may also save a lot of time typing by using the website’s free automatic transcript option. Every month, you receive a bonus of $5 for every three hours you finish.

11. Working Solutions

Working Solutions offers work-from-home jobs and occasionally offers data entry jobs for independent contractors. Depending on the assignment, the organization pays anything from $9 to $30 per hour.

You must pass a few tests in order to apply to become a “Working Solutions Agent,” then you must wait for an email confirming your approval. Once you’ve been approved, you may look for data entry jobs, work on them, and get paid by direct transfer or a postal check.

12. Freelancer

Accurate typing abilities can provide you an advantage in several professions, notably freelance work.
One of the top websites for online typing jobs worldwide is There are more than 900 distinct job categories offered by the company. More than 30 million independent contractors are currently listed on this platform.

A customer creates a task with the necessary requirements and puts it on the marketplace. The client then chooses the typist to whom they wish to assign the assignment after receiving bids from freelancers. After the project is finished, the customer evaluates the quality of the work before processing payment.

On this platform, the most used payment processors are International Wire, Skrill, Payoneer, and PayPal.

13. Data Plus+

Data Plus+, with its main office in Atlanta, has been providing specialized data entry services for approximately 30 years. Data input from all sources, including handwritten originals, typed copies, scanned photos, and web sources, is their area of expertise.

You may enter data for automobile accident reports, membership applications, warranty cards, professional certificates, law enforcement reports, and mailing lists as a freelance data entry clerk for Data Plus+.

14. DionData Solutions

Freelance data entry tasks are available at DionData Solutions. You’ll input information from sources like scanned photos, printed copies, handwritten originals, typed copies, and internet databases.

You must pass a test and demonstrate that you can write at least 60 words per minute if you want to get hired as a freelance data entry clerk. You will get paid a piece rate if you work for this firm.

15. .worker

Since its founding in 2005, .worker has been assigning microtasks in data input and other sectors too “.workers” all around the world. If you sign up to be a .worker, you’ll work independently and enter data using your own equipment.

Even though your earnings on .worker will vary depending on the project or activity, you will be aware of your pay rate in advance. Every week or month, you’ll get paid via PayPal.

16. Axion Data Entry Services

Axion Data Entry Services was founded in 1996 and serves clients across a range of sectors with data entry outsourcing, data evaluation, and Internet data research.

You must have at least two to three years of data entry experience to work as a contractor with Axion. Additionally, you should be able to type 50 words per minute accurately. Your pay will be a set amount per entry or document, depending on your proficiency and productivity.

You Can Work Full-Time and Earn a Full-Time Income by Typing

Typing jobs could be a fantastic option for anybody searching for a flexible method to generate money, including stay-at-home moms, college students, and others. They provide a side business that might enable you to make money at home on your own terms.

If you want to start, enroll in a typing course at a community college to boost your word-per-minute output. Then, think about getting a typing certification to make yourself stand out from the competition. Finally, submit applications for typing positions to start developing your résumé and skills.

What Do Typists Earn?

Typists in the United States make an average wage of $16.22 per hour, according to statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But because of that, the remuneration is clearly considerably different, ranging from a low of around $10 per hour to a high of about $30 per hour.

It’s a good idea to discover a specialty if you want to make more money at the upper end of that spectrum because your hourly rate will depend on your degree of competence, who you work for (more on that in the next section), and whether or not you do.

Last Words on Online Typing Jobs

Because it combines a common talent with high demand, typing is a typical side business. While these qualities make it simple to get started, they also have a tendency to lower the field’s earning potential.

It’s advisable to add extra services relating to typing and transcribing if you really want to become a large income. One illustration would be to develop the ability to not just transcribe podcasts but also to publish them to directories like iTunes, as well as to write blog posts and episode show notes.

Your marketability will grow if you combine many in-demand abilities, which will also enhance your potential earnings. Even while learning new talents might be time-consuming, especially if you’re just getting started now and have no prior experience, the effort is worthwhile.

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