Covid19 ePass 2020 State-wise Police ePass Online Registration

Covid19 e-Pass Apply Online, Registration, and Print Pass: During the Pandemic Lockdown in India, if you need to travel on daily basis, you have to apply for a pass which allows you to travel across. This e-Pass will remain valid until 03 May 2020. If the lockdown extends, you have to apply again for Covid19 ePass facility in your concerned states.

So here, we will be listing all state-wise websites where you can apply for Corona ePass or Covid19 ePass from Police Department. The ePass is applicable to essential services only. You should mention one service out of 13 listed on the websites. Also, you need to upload proof of being part of the essential service described and listed by the Government of your concerned states.

List of Concerned websites issuing Covid19 ePass or Corona ePass across the states. (Rajasthan ePass for Covid19) (Madhya Pradesh ePass for Covid19) (Hyderabad Police Travel Pass/epass for Covid19) (Maharashtra and Mumbai police Travel epass for Covid19) (Assam State ePass for Covid19) (Gujarat State Travel Pass & epass for Covid19)

esevai for TamilNadu Lockdown Pass for Haryana Movement Pass

List of essential Services: 

  1. Bank/ Finance/ ATM
  2. Cable TV
  3. Company
  4. Dairy
  5. Government/ Civil Government
  6. LPG Delivery
  7. Medical (Hospital/ Ambulance)
  8. Medical (Pharmacy/ Shop)
  9. Petrol Pump
  10. Media (Press/ Reporter)
  11. Ration/ Groceries/ Food
  12. Telecommunication
  13. Transport

The ePass will be valid for inter-districts and intradistrict as well. You have to mention the destination and origin district while applying. If you travel to a different district other than the mentioned in the pass, your epass will stand invalid.

Rajasthan State ePass at

You can apply for Rajasthan State ePass at the website and through a mobile app named RajCop Citizen. The app is being run by Rajasthan Police and is connected with universal Rajasthan SSO ID.

Willing candidates can apply for the epass on the computer and mobile app. On the mobile app, you need to log in through your Rajasthan SSO ID. Once you are logged in, you can see the ePass facility at the top.

You just need to feel all the essential details, district names and upload your photo and documents of ID proof.

Apply online for ePass Here

Register at Rajasthan SSO

Download RajCop Citizen APP

Maharashtra Police Covid19 ePass at

ePass for the whole state can be obtained from the official website This epass is valid until 03 May 2020 and will work across the state.

A person willing to obtain the epass needs to visit the website A person needs to submit the Covid19 ePass application in English. The application must be duly filled with the necessary details. The origin and destination districts should be mentioned clearly.

Also, a person must have an authorized Photo ID card of the concerned department. With such an ID card, the epass will not be issued by the department.

Apply for Covid19 ePass for Maharashtra Here

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