Lawyer Careers: How to Become a Lawyer

Lawyer Careers: Are you looking forward to becoming a legal advisor? Being an advocate requires a big-time commitment and also monetary commitment to the law study institute, but being a lawyer is a rewarding profession in all aspects whether economic aspect or social or mental aspects. There are numerous fields to choose from in this profession from criminal cases to environmental law.

Work of a Lawyer

Basically, an advocate’s job is representing their client’s case and fighting their case, and presenting arguments in their favor. These professionals can find their place in either public or private sector. Legal advisors counsel and advice people regarding their legal concerns.

The responsibilities of a lawyer can be variegated like presenting arguments in court, cross-questioning witnesses, legal documentation work, giving legal advice, and legal research. There is various niche in the law field in which you may specialize in from business and property disputes to criminal and constitutional cases.

How To Become a Lawyer

Entering any profession does not happen overnight. There are  6 crucial steps for becoming a lawyer are as follows:

1. Get an undergraduate degree – Few colleges offer a pre-law course as many candidates enter this profession from very different fields.

2. Pass the LSAT – LSAT is an entrance exam for law colleges. Passing this exam should be your focus but also try to fetch higher marks as it increases your chance of getting a seat in a competitive law program.

3. Apply to law school – Various factors are taken into account while evaluating like GPA in under-graduation, LSAT marks, letters of recommendation, and application essays.

4. Graduate with a Juris Doctor degree – To appear in the bar examination, you must have a Juris Doctor degree from a recognized institute. Law school is the place for you to begin your pathway for specialization in a nch like environmental cases or criminal cases.

5. Pass the MPRE – Passing MPRE ( Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination)  is required in most of the states to appear in the bar examination. This is an MCQ-based exam with a major emphasis on worth ethics and conduct.

6. Pass the bar exam – The final milestone to be achieved to become a lawyer is the bar exam. This exam is conducted over a span of 2-3 days and has a passing rate of 40% only in a few states. This test is based primarily on legal knowledge.

How Much Do Lawyers Make?

As per Glassdoor information, the average income of lawyers is $117,188 for entry-level work. Based on the niche you select to work in this field, the revenue potential in the upcoming years varies greatly.

Types of Jobs for Lawyers

This carer can also lead to various paths by specializing in different fields like:

  • Environmental law
  • Constitutional law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Criminal law
  • Contract law
  • Tax law
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Family law
  • Appeals
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Social security Disability
  • Corporate law
  • Estate planning law
  • Employment law
  • Immigration law

Most of these sectors are available for pursuing a specialization in them and then you may practice in a private law firm or be an individual professional lawyer. Also, you may join as a corporate consultant, for government or an advocacy firm.

Numerous other fields which a lawyer may opt for are political platform, finance, judiciary, or legal journalism, public interest legal practice, management counseling, etc.

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