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05 Websites to Look For Freelancing Jobs


This article is being written to help and compile all the information together in one place. As we are aware freelancing your skills is an important thing nowadays and can be done by anyone from all age groups and experience.


From freshers to experienced personal can become a freelancer and provide their services to the customer and get paid in return, services can be from Call Center, Data Entry, Transcript, Developer and many more. The mentioned website below is the one that is being trusted by millions and provides a good payout for the work done.

Top 05 Freelancing Websites To Search

Here’s the complete list.


UPWORK is one of the leaders in providing various opportunities to freelancers. UP WORKS details you to various clients and the candidate can apply for the jogs which are open by sending them the proposal for the job and will client if accepted will send you the consent.

This simple rule works extremely well and the freelancer can choose the domain on which it needs to take the work. UPWORK charges 10 percent fees from the candidate.


FIVERR is relatively running on the same grounds as UPWORK. At first, you need to create your profile and mention the skills for whom you want to get hired.

In the starting, the cost of per hour services might be less, but understand working with the FIVERR community creates trust and help the recruiter to reach out to you. And hence you can increase your daily price and your identity is being created. Creating a Profile on FIVERR is free.


INDEED is a job portal where recruiters are looking for various positions, and freelancer is one of them. That being said you, need to create your profile and according to your qualification. Build up your profile and search for freelancing jobs on this portal


FREELANCER website is running on the same concept as FIVERR & UPWORK, where lots of freelancers can choose from the various domain of work and provide their services for the same.

You need to create your profile and choose from the list of areas that you need to work for, upload a professional photograph, and submit the application. The application will be approved by the company and once it is approved the candidate can start working and showcase his skills.


Guru’s website is a famous platform for providing work to the freelancer’s community. You need to create a profile that is well made and the skills are carefully chosen.GURU will be charging a 9% fee as services and taxes from the candidate on the very job done by you through GURU


It’s obvious to say that, Freelancing can be done by one and everyone should try it as well, as it enables you to work from home. All you need is a Laptop/Computer and a healthy WIFI connection.

Freelancing can be done if you possess skills and you have a job to showcase it as well. People are generating a large revenue through Freelancing their skills and it would be good to say, that they are earning more than normal jobs.

All the websites mentioned above are genuine and have been around for a very long time, working as a bridge between freelancers and recruiters. All the websites are running with various layers of security and blockchain as well.

Note: Build your profile on these websites intelligently.

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