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12 Best Part Time Jobs in India- Salary, Qualifications & Other Details


Nowadays, due to pandemics, employees are working from their homes and companies noticed that while working from home, employees are more happy and satisfied with their work because they do not have to travel daily. As a result of it, the productivity of employees has increased.


Best Part-Time Jobs in India

There is a very simple funda, if employees are happy, they will put their 100% effort which leads to higher productivity. Nowadays, there are many good paid jobs in the market which can be performed on a computer from homes. Read out the whole article to know everything in detail.

Customer Sevice Job:

Nowadays, Companies are looking for employees, who have brilliant customer handling skills so that they can solve customer problems or queries via email, chat, a phone call from their homes as well. This will help companies to retain their customers and helps to build a good reputation in the market. Candidate must possess good communication skills to work in different sectors: Retail sector, customer service, and marketing, etc.

Entry Level Computer Job:

Nowadays, many jobs can be easily performed on computers as well like data entry or virtual assistant. The best part is that these jobs do not demand a higher degree or any technical knowledge. Candidates having basic knowledge of computer software like MS Office, MS Word, MS Excel, etc can easily perform these jobs. The company will pay the candidates only after the assigned task is done.

Computer Programming Job:

To apply for these jobs, Computer programmers need to have software to perform coding, knowledge of different computer languages like c++, java, python, HTML, CSS, etc., and tools. Those who are knowing the tools or software used by the company will be added as a plus point and they can easily apply. These jobs provide decent salaries to the candidates and they can work from any place they want to.


The posts in the companies like of sales manager, account manager or sales consultants, etc play a crucial role as these jobs are performed to promote their product and services. Higher sales will results in more revenue and profits for the firm. These are target-based jobs plus provides lucrative incentives as well. These jobs can be performed from homes as well.

Teacher and Tutor Job:

Nowadays, due to pandemics, online tuition or coaching is in trend. Parents demand personalized attention for their kids ie 1:1 live classes. There are many starts up as well which are hiring online tutors and providing them good salaries as well. There are many jobs in the edu-tech sector like the content designer, online teachers, program manager, etc. These jobs can be easily performed from homes.

Data-Entry, Coding, and Transcription Job:

Nowadays, many companies don’t pay after getting the work done. So, be aware of such fraud companies for data entry jobs. There are some jobs in which candidates have to listen to audio or a video that is provided by the companies and candidates have to convert them into a document or a pdf. to perform such kinds of jobs, a laptop with a good internet connection is a must. These kinds of jobs pay a good amount.

Translation Job

A translator job is a very comfortable and good-paying job that can be easily performed from home. Candidates need to know different languages to perform this job. Companies demand translators to convert various documents into different languages. So those candidates knowing different languages can apply for this job.

Medical Billing and Coding Job:

These jobs can be easily performed from homes. they need to manage the company’s insurance department and they have to manage the insurance Receipts and payments as well. They need to make sure that payment is done via the proper channel. the primary duty is to convert doctor notes into billing codes.

Web Developer and Graphic Designer:

To perform this job, the candidate must possess web developer and graphic design skills. They must have gone through the proper course and have certification to perform this job and must have knowledge of various software and tools like word press, Unbounce, etc. While performing this job, you are your own boss. you can create websites, advertisements, icons, logos for different companies.

Freelance Writer Gigs:

If you have good writing skills and knowledge of a language, then you can easily apply for this job. You must have a good command of grammar. Then you can easily write blogs or articles for the company. This job can be easily performed from homes nd pay good salary as well.

Teaching English as a Second language:

If you have good knowledge of the English language, you can easily earn money by teaching English from home. There are many startups hiring professionals to teach the English language. The best part is that you can teach international kids as well and You will get paid on an hourly basis.

Android or iOS Developer

To apply for this job, the candidate must have good knowledge of software, tools, computer languages, etc. Along with this, a laptop with a good wifi connection is required to perform this job. This job pays a lucrative salary.

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