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Online Article Writing Jobs- Where to Apply?


Earning an extra income is always what everyone wants to achieve doing some side hustle. Those who have a good command of a language and any particular topic can start earning some extra bucks writing some articles online. Through this article, we want to guide you on where to start and the skills and capabilities required to jump into this field.ย  The candidates must ensure to go through this article and know the details.


Online Article Writing Jobs: Nature

As a student, it is easier to expect that Online Article Writing will be easy for them as they have a lot of experience writing academically but the fact is that Online Article Writing is not what it looks like. One needs to be well-versed with the matter that the client needs. Articles must be written according to the requirements and demands of the client that include writing in a specific style, tone, and usage of specific unique keywords. One needs to match the expectations of the client in order to succeed in Online Article Writing.

What is Online Article Writing?

Online Article Writing Jobs consist of working remotely and online-only in which a person has to work on a freelance/ project basis. The job will be to write articles for blogs, websites, and web content. The client will pay you article basis or word count basis. The need for freelancer content writers is ever-growing as the online presence is growing day by day.

Online Article Writing Job Pay Rates:

The pay rates for Online Article Writing Jobs vary quite as the users will receive payment on the basis of the nature of the project and article writing job, the experience and specialization they have along with some other factors including the client itself. For Advertising Content, the pay rates are quite high depending ranging from 300 $ to 3000 $ per project or 45 $ to 90 $ per hour. The rates for general article writing jobs vary from 5 $ to 100 $ per project or 5 $ to 40 $ per hour. Users can also charge on the basis of per page or per word basis as well if the job includes writing in bulk or for long-term assignments.

Anyone can calculate the monthly income he or she can expect based on the work they are able to complete depending on the rates they are paid.

What does it take to be a Content Writer?

The best thing about being a content writer is that you don’t have to be a college graduate to be one. All you need is excellent Language skills including command over grammar, vocabulary, and the topic that you will have to write on. So one without a degree can also start.

Here are the most popular platforms where one can find Online Article Writing Jobs:

1. Upwork

If you are looking for a world-wide platform where clients from all over the world are in search of Freelance Content Writers the Upwork is a wonderful space to start with. On this platform, one needs to register and create a profile. Project Works for Online Article Writing will be available as and when clients need any such service. One needs to bid for the project or job and will be granted the job after being reviewed by the client. Upwork charges a fixed commission of the job-payment and will credit the rest of the payment to your wallet which can be transferred to the Bank account later.

2. Guru

Guru is another platform in the form of an app where one can register and start looking for freelance content writing jobs. Everyone can find the Article Writing Job he is capable of doing here as it has a huge base of clients who need the services of Freelance Content Writers.

3. is quite a popular platform for Freelancers all over the world. The platform has above 20 Million users from all over the world which is a clear indication of the level of its popularity. Users are able to get work for a longer-term as both the client and the Freelancer trust each other in terms of the quality of work done and timely payments.

4. Glassdoor

It is rare that anyone has not heard of Glassdoor as an online platform providing job-updates and requirements. One can also find Online Article Writing Jobs as Employers and Clients find it easy to share such job requirements here being a free platform.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is a very unique platform for Freelancers from across the world as users find a variety of tasks and projects. On this platform, users will find freelance jobs of diverse nature including Article Writing as well. The users will easily find the work as per their preferences.

To conclude is that to start with Online Article Writing, all one needs is Writing Skills and dedication to work. So, if you are interested and want to start with then please proceed with any of the tools specified above and start making money for yourself. You will be earning less in the beginning but with time you will be paid handsomely as your skills and experience accumulate.

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