Tips on How to Write a Winning Resume for Remote Jobs 

Creating a resume is a special skill in which not all of us are masters. The majority of the world population are job-oriented, so it means that almost every one of us except business people would be needing a resume.

Today, many resume builder tools on the web can create the perfect resume, but we would suggest you go through the tips for creating a job-winning resume, especially if you are looking for remote jobs!

Remote works mean that you won’t have to commute to another place, you can work from home, and you have the flexibility of working hours. You must be thinking that finding this kind of job isn’t easy, but we would like to assure you that you can surely find a remote job if you create the perfect resume for it.

Out of dozens of tips regarding resume making, we have listed the most important ones, and so we would suggest you go through these tips/tricks before you start using a resume builder!

05 Tips For Creating The Best Resume For Remote Jobs

Here are the tips & suggestions which would help you create the perfect resume:

  • Mention that you are looking for a remote position!

When you create a resume on MS Word or any online resume builder tool, you must make sure that you are mentioning that you are looking for a remote job. If you don’t mention that you are looking for remote jobs, you would simply be wasting yours and the time of the hiring manager. Mentioning that you are looking for a remote job would clear out the air and doubt in the recruiters’ minds about the job you are applying for. You must mention that you are looking for a remote job in the personal profile section. You can also state it out in your career goals.

  • Showcase the top skills that you need for a remote position!

If you are applying for a remote/freelance position, you must showcase some of the top skills to help you get the job. You must state in the resume the skills and demonstrate how the skills would help you succeed in the role. One of the important skills that you must add/demonstrate in your CV is good communication skills. Communication is very much important when you are applying for a remote job. The recruiter must know that you would connect and communicate with your managers, customers, clients, and colleagues without any hassle. You also must mention that you are self-motivated, flexible, organized, and honest!

  • Highlight your achievements!

One of the best ways to win a remote job is to tell the recruiters about your achievements and experience. Adding information about your past achievements is very important because this would help you win the hiring manager’s interest. We would also suggest you quantify the achievement in terms of numbers, currency amount, or even percentage ratio if possible. This would show how much difference and value you have added to the previous institutes. This is an important tip that you must follow.

  • Show off your previous remote experience!

If you are applying as a freelancer, you might have some good experiences in the past that urge you to continue them. Well, you must add any remote experience you had in the past. You should surely add this kind of information as it would capture the attention of the hiring manager. You must know that this experience can be of proper jobs and internships that you have gone through during your studies. Writing about internships and other freelance experiences can help you win the job for sure. Here in this section, you also must write your responsibilities or role you filled in the past.

  • Ensure that the format of the CV is simple!

Youngsters’ common mistake is that they stuff unnecessary information in the resume, which makes it look all rushed and complicated. We would suggest you keep your resume under one page and very much clear. You have to divide all the information into different sections and points so that the hiring manager can go through your profile without any hassle. The more your focus on clarity and simplicity, the better your chances of winning the job!


If you use online resume maker tools, you can easily get hold of well-designed and simple formatted templates! The free resume builder available on the design studio of SmallSeoTools is a popular choice if you want to create resumes targeted for getting remote jobs! Suppose you are interested in getting a remote job for any reason, including the current COVID-19 situation. In that case, we suggest you follow these tips, use the best online resume builder, and share your CV with all the potential recruiters. You should try and avail all sorts of opportunities!

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