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Part Time Jobs In Australia For International Student


Hey Guys! Are you looking for part-time work in Australia while studying? If yes, Kindly read the article to know about part-time jobs available in Australia and the pay scale and procedure to apply for them.


There are a number of students who are studying abroad and they look for some part-time job to earn some money so that they can pay their bills and can think about spending on extra activities. Different countries have different rules and regulations to allow international students to work and earn some money while studying.

Australia is one of the countries which permits international students to work and earn on a part-time basis while full-time studying at the university. Below mentioned is the detail of part-time jobs available in Australia.

Part-Time Job Regulations For International Students In Australia

Australia allows international students to work for only 20 hours a week on a part-time basis. It is very important to follow all the rules and regulations imposed by the government of Australia. Candidates must go through the policies as well as written in the visa document. If the candidates do not follow the rules and regulations laid by the Australian government, they have full authority to cancel the visa of students in such cases.

Some of the Rules and restrictions are written over the visa document are as follow:

1) They must have an appropriate student visa that permits them to work on a part-time basis while studying.

2) Candidates must have enrolled themselves for the full-time study course that too is approved by the Australian government.

3) Candidates must have fulfilled all the requirements of the study program for which they have enrolled.

4) It is compulsory to achieve the minimum attendance requirement of the course.

5) The Overseas Student Health Cover needs to be maintained properly by the candidates.

How To Find Jobs For International Students In Australia?

It is very easy for international students to find part-time jobs while studying. If the candidate has good communication skills and they fulfill the requirements for a specific job profile, they can easily get the job. The first thing they need to do is to prepare an eye-catching CV. The CV plays a very important role because employers shortlist the candidates on the basis of their CV. To do part-time jobs, Higher degrees or experience do not play many roles but it’s the additional skills and interest which helps to get part-time jobs.

Do not miss to mention skills and interest in CV. Once the CV I ready, start applying for the jobs. It can be a little hassle process Because while applying for jobs, we consider many factors like location, work timings, rules and regulations of the employer, Salary, etc.

Below mentioned are the ways to search and apply for part-time jobs in Australia:

  • Online Portal: Nowadays, There are many online websites like indeed, which publish part-time jobs on a daily basis. You can check on the websites and can apply for the job suitable as per your skills. Candidates can also contact employers as well for part-time jobs.
  • Local Newspaper: There are many local newspapers which publish about part-time job opportunities on daily basis. Candidates need to open the job section in the newspaper and they can directly contact the employer for job details.
  • Reference: The best way to get a part-time job is to take help from the people of the university like professors, alumni, career teams etc It’s a very easy way to get a part-time job through reference.
  • Internal Jobs: Universities also provide part-time jobs to the candidates in different departments within the campus only like assistants of the library, gym areas, parking lots, cafeteria, or cleaning, etc. Candidates need to keep an eye on internal job openings and contact the concerned department.

It’s very good to do part-time jobs while studying. you can utilize your time efficiently and can earn good money. But do not compromise your studies for that. Do not forget to take care of your health as well.

Part-Time Job Profiles In Australia For International Students

It is very easy to find part-time jobs in Australia based on skills, interests, pay scale, timings, etc one person can earn good money by doing a part-time job. Some of the part-time jobs available for international students in India are as follow:

Private Tutor: The best part-time job to earn good money available in India is a private tutor. If a person has good knowledge about a particular subject can apply and start taking private tuition in India. This is a very respectable and most recommendable kind of job in India. They can earn AUD 20 to AUD 40 per hour.

Food Chain Industry: The food chain industry offers a number of part-time job opportunities to candidates with multiple job roles like a waiter, cashier, delivery boy, helper, chef, assistant manager, etc. The salary slab is different depending upon the restaurant and hotel but they can easily earn 5 dollars to 30 dollars per hour.

Admin Executive: If you have good management and communication skills, you will easily get the job of admin executive, where you can work at the front office or executive offices. . The salary ranges from Dollar 25 to 30 per hour.

Bartender: Bartender jobs are easily available and one with good experience can earn good money by working as a bartender on a part-time basis. The salary ranges between Dollar 22 to Dollar 25 per hour.

Customer Care Centres: All the firms have their Customer care centers to solve the queries of their customers and provide the best possible experience to customers. There is a large number of employees working in this department. This job pays good money as well and can be performed in shifts. To perform this job, the candidate must have good communication skills. The salary ranges between dollars 25 to 30 per hour.

All the international students who are living in Australia for more than 6 months and are earning money from part-time jobs, then have to pay the tax on the income of $18,200 or above. To get the tax-related information, one can visit ATO’s website. They have to pay the tax for the year ending on 30th June in Australia.

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