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NSP: National Scholarship Portal


Welcome to the National Scholarship Portal of India (NSP). This website is completely dedicated to the Students who are looking for the Scholarships being provided by the Government Of INDIA (Centre Government) and by the Respective States. The students who are willing to continue their higher studies but economically not able to. Our Government provides the scholarship to those in Minority, BC, SC, and ST.


You will find a list of the Government Scholarships here at the National Scholarship Portal (NSP). We will provide information about all of the Government and Private Scholarships. Also, the application for the Scholarship, Renewal method, Application Status tracking, and other important activities. Please go through this page.

We have so many times heard the term “scholarship”, in our schools, colleges and other institutions. What basically do we mean about the scholarship? A Scholarship is generally a financial award, which is provided to the eligible students who want to continue their studies further. These scholarship programs use minimum grade point or standardized tests to select the students eligible to receive the scholarship. There are different types of scholarships, such as, based on merit, sports, A particular course, students’ personal issues or factors, based on concerts, etc.

Scholarship funds are provided to the local institutions and organizations. Whoever wants to apply for the scholarship, need to get the information from the around local bodies. There is not much competition for A scholarship because the students who are eligible for the scholarship are not in higher numbers.

There are many ways to apply for scholarship schemes. One of the best ways to know and apply for government scholarships is the National scholarship portal.

List of Minority Scholarships being provided through NSP (National Scholarship Portal)

  • Pre Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities
  • Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities
  • Merit Cum Means Scholarship For Professional and Technical Courses CS
  • Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students

List of Scholarships for Persons with Disabilities by NSP

  • Pre-matric Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities
  • Post-matric Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities
  • Scholarships for Top Class Education for students with disabilities.
  • National Fellowship for Persons with Disabilities
National Scholar Portal of Indian for Pre Matric, Post Matric Scholarships @


The national scholarship portal is an easy and most trusted platform which is created for the students who want to apply for the scholarship provided by the government. The national scholarship portal is the one and only single stop for all the scholarships provided by the government of India. A Student can easily complete the whole procedure from applying or the scholarship and continuing the whole procedure by getting the funds. The national scholarship portal (NSP) aims at providing various scholarship schemes launched across the country. They aim to provide easy service to the student right from the beginning, it is a responsive and transparent system. National scholarship portal works in a fast and effective manner, and also guarantee the funds to be transferred to the students without any leakage.

The national scholarship portal gives an easy way for the students to apply for their scholarships and knows their application status as well.

If the non–eligibility of the student detected in the procedure, from applying to verification, the application of such students will be canceled without giving them any information. Those students will also be blacklisted from applying for any scholarship by the government for five long years further and strict action could also be taken against them.


The students of a minor category who are the Indian citizen and are having their education in India only are eligible for the scholarship. Those students also need to match the scheme guidelines of the scholarship being provided, they can apply and get the scholarship.

HOW TO APPLY for Scholarship at

The national scholarship portal gives you a chance to apply for all government scholarships in India. The students can apply online, anytime and from any part of the country. The students need to visit the official website and apply there. On the homepage, the students can get the detail to apply for the scholarship. The students can open the application form to register themselves. The application form will be detailed. The application form asks the student’s academic as well as personal details. The students just need to open the detail and fill up the application form, filling up all the information correctly.

There are few fields which are marked by a star (*), fields marked with such sign are the mandatory fields or you can say are compulsory to be filled up. Apart from the mandatory field to be filled there are various other columns asking name, address, contact number, etc. the application form also consists of a few drop-down lists, which the student has to choose from the options provided. There is also the option for applying a photograph, in which the student has to fix his/ her photograph (size mentioned on the form). The information filled in the application should be correct.

After filling up the application form, students should cross-check the information provided and get their registration number and user ID. Few documents are needed to be submitted with the application form by uploading the scanned documents. Remember there should NOT be two registrations done by a single candidate, as it is offended. The user ID provided can help the student to again login to the account and make changes or add information in their filled form. The students can anytime open their application form and make changes only till the closure of the application.

Few documents are needed to be submitted with the application form by uploading the scanned documents. Remember there should NOT be two registrations done by a single candidate, as it is offended. The user ID provided can help the student to again login to the account and make changes or add information in their filled form. The students can anytime open their application form and make changes only till the closure of application form after the final submission of the application form the form will be forwarded to the next process and no changes could be made in that afterward. The students cannot register more than one time if found guilty for registering more than the application form would be rejected by the authority.

Documents are only required to be uploaded if the amount of the scholarship provided is more than fifty thousand rupees per year.


  • Domicile certificate
  • Photo of the student
  • Aadhar card
  • Verification form of the institute
  • Income certificate
  • Minority certificate
  • Previous year mark-sheet
  • Proof of bank account with the student’s name
  • Fee slip of current academic course


The application form does not last long you have to renew it every year. It has to be renewed after its expiry. So how can the students renew their application?

That’s very simple, to renew your application form, first of all, the ID and password which was generated to the students previously should be with the students. The students need to login to their account with the same ID and password which they already have. Then they have to log in to their account, they can apply for the renewal of their application form.

If the student is of post metric scholarship then he/ she has to upload the documents both the time, for new as well as for renewal. If the student is for any other scholarship then they have to upload or provide their documents only when they are asked to do so. Do not try to apply as fresh if you are a renewal candidate, in this case, your application will be rejected.

For Fresh Apply please use the detail below. Students applying for the first time should compulsorily Register. Application ID will be login ID and Password will be the date of Birth.

New User? Register

The students who are applying for the first time or the students who did not get any scholarship last year through NSP can use the detail below 

Login to Apply

The students who received Scholarship last year through NSP and want to renew for the same course please use the detail below

Apply for Renewal

Those Students want to apply for Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme for Central Armed Police Forces and Assam Rifles can use the detail below

Apply for PMSS for CAPF

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