Online Data Entry Jobs- Salary, Qualifications & Nature

Data is very important and every person or business entity knows how important it is to maintain data and make use of it for making business decisions and for record-keeping purposes. Data Entry jobs have been quite popular for so long but the trend is changing very fast and the data entry jobs are not moving from on-site to off-site i.e these are now performed remotely from across the world. The trend is that Data Entry Jobs are moving to Online Mode.

So through this article, we have come up with a guide on how to start with Online Data Entry Jobs and Where to Apply.

Nature of Online Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Jobs include a person to encode text, numbers, or other content into a spreadsheet, word processing document, or slide. These jobs are simply about converting raw data to some meaningful format. Online Data Entry jobs are simply online and are assigned, completed, and paid for in online mode only.

Online Data Entry Jobs as already mentioned are data entry jobs that involve a person encoding the raw data into some database. The person must be quick and efficient in Typing and operating the Word Processing Softwares, MS Office, Google Docs, and others. A person must have a good performance laptop with a good internet connection. Clients and Companies may require the candidate to have knowledge on how to use other file management apps, email, and social media apps. These jobs can be done remotely sitting anywhere so persons who love working from home and enjoying the comfort of the flexibility of working hours prefer such jobs including housewives, students, and anyone.

Online Data Entry Job Rates:

The Online Data Entry Jobs are paid well and those with a good record and consistent working experience in Data Entry Jobs are paid well. A person can earn between 7 $ to 25 $ per hour depending upon the job and the total experience. According to Glassdoor, an Online Data Entry Worker can earn an annual pay of 27,231 $ per year.

What it requires to start with Online Data Entry Jobs

To be an Online Data Entry Worker, one need not be a college graduate. All it takes is that the candidate must know Data Entry Skills including knowledge of Data Entry & Spreadsheet software. The candidate must have a good typing speed that will be proved by KPH Test scores (Keystrokes per hour of 10,000 KPH). One if has taken the KPH Test, can add the same in the resume and apply for a suitable job/ project.

Once you have taken the KPH Test, the candidates can apply for paid data entry tasks. To start with, a candidate first needs to register on the concerned platforms where clients need data entry workers on a part-time or freelance basis. Following are some of the Online Data Entry Platforms where one can register and start working to be paid:

1. Snagajob

Snagajob is the best platform to take help if you want to start doing Online Data Entry Tasks. The platform has so far provided more than 4 Million Data Entry Jobs and the number is still growing. The candidates who want to register on the platform can do so without paying even a single penny. After registering one can filter out the suitable data entry job and start completing online tasks.

2. 2Captcha

This platform is one that provides very simple tasks to be performed by the users. 2Captcha provides the candidates a platform to register for free and start getting paid for converting images to text. Once an image is correctly converted to a text file then he or she gets paid for completing the task.

This platform is for those who do not possess such skills.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is the first choice of freelancers all over the world and is preferred by Millions around the world. Some people think that Fiverr is a platform for Content Writers mainly but that is not true. One can find jobs for different skills and start earning.

On Fiverr, clients put their requirements, and job-seekers who find the job suitable apply for the same so as he can get the job.

4. Upwork

On Upwork, one has to register and create his profile so that he gets a unique identity. On this platform, one need not worry about getting paid after the work has been completed as the client has to deposit the job payment in an escrow account. So, the employee performing the job or task is assured of the payment after completing the task.

5. Digitize

Digitize is a very simple tool that is being used by job-seekers across the world. The candidates are paid soon once the task is complete and has been approved by the client. The best part is that the platform facilitates direct payments into the bank account of the users.

How to apply for Online Data Entry Jobs:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Register yourself by filling in all the details.
  3. Login by using your ID and password allotted to you at the time of registration.
  4. Attach all the copies of documents and recently updated resume with the form.
  5. Recheck the form and submit it.

Note: If you look for employment, then you have to visit the glassdoor, career building, indeed website. If you are looking forward to being your own boss or thinking of working with the client, you have to visit freelance sites like Fiverr/Upwork.

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