Online Typing Jobs- Where to Apply?

Online Typing Jobs: There are some typing jobs which you can do from home also and can make extra income for you. Some moms want some part-time jobs, and some college-going students seeking a part-time job as an additional income source. This article will help you to grab a chance for earning extra income with less effort.
The good part of the job is that you can do it from your home. You need a laptop/computer in working condition and good internet speed. These jobs do not demand higher qualifications. If you are the 12th pass person, then you can apply for this. It requires typing skills, and you can learn them by doing practice.

What Are the Types of Online Typing Jobs?

Online typing job as it is clear from the name that you are going to do typing online. There are many types of tying jobs like simple data entry jobs or transcription jobs. Some data entry jobs can be done by anyone, and some need special training. Companies hire people for full-time or part-time work. Some time working hours are fixed like 10 to 5 job and some times company gives the flexibility of working hour. These are tasked based typing jobs. Like you have to complete the task within two days, and you can choose the working hours as per your available time. Types of data entry jobs are following.

Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs require you to type data from one format to another format. The company hires people to enter data from some documents to the companies software. For example, a company is updating their offline data into online files, and then they need data entry operators to do this task. There others tasks in the company which requires DEO to do it regularly daily, like entering reports, etc. Data entry job is not a hard job. A person with a minimum of 12th class and basic computer skills can apply for the job. The speed and accuracy are the keys to the success of DEO. This skill can be learned by doing practice. You must be careful when you apply for the data entry job as there are many scams in the market. The company gives you tasks, never provides the payment with, and sometimes asks for registration fees for providing the job. So be careful of the scams.

Transcription Jobs

You have to listen to some audio files or watch video files and then type that information in the asked format in a transcription job. Here also you are converting data from one form to another form. But here, input is in the form of audio or videos. Here it would help if you had typing skills, listening skills, attentiveness, and accuracy. Companies sometimes convert meetings from one language to another. For that, they need people to understand the meeting conversation and then type that into another language.

Earning with Online Typist Jobs

People are earning well by doing these jobs. The earning depends upon the skill of the person. A transcription job pays you higher than a data entry job. Here you can get money for the single minute you work. Like for an hour company will give you $5 to $20 for the data entry work. The below table describes the salary structure on an hourly basis.
Type of JobSalary Structure
Data Entry Job$5 to $20 per hour
Transcription Jobs$15 to $45 per hour

Steps To Apply For Online Typing Jobs

Follow these steps.
  1. Select the website where you want to build the account.
  2. Then mention your skill wisely, like do mention typing speed or previous work experience.
  3. Upload a professional photo and complete other details in the profile.
  4. Mention your key points why a client should hire you.
  5. In starting, keep your hourly rate less after you grab 5 to 6 projects, then you can increase your hourly rate.

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