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Part Time Jobs In Canada For International Student


Studying abroad is one of the dreams of every Indian student who wants to make their career great and have an International Academic science. The most common issue that we all face while studying abroad is the high tuition fees which we are paying and the student loan which we have taken to make our dreams come true.


The idea is we all want to live a decent life but the expenses which are daily incurring are too high with no source of income. The average cost of living in an International country is always high and comes with expenses. The solution to this problem is Finding yourself and a part-time job, and make sure we work our way around it and manage our studies and work, and support is a lifestyle and even pay off the student debt.

Various provisions are being made by the Canadian government to detail the foreign student with part times jobs, in various market segments like skills work, summer work experience, and career focus. The main is to find a part-time job for the students and is done being under the INITIATIVE called YESS (Youth Employment and skill strategy)

Regulations For The Part-Time Jobs For International Students

Lets us just Understand what are the key rules and regulations, decided by the Canadian Government for International Students looking for part-time work.

Working Part-time on Campus:

The students can work on the campus and earn income only if their student visa verifies it, and you can even work without a work permit in the following cases:

  • Are a full-time post-secondary student at a private college in Quebec that is run under the same rules as public schools and is at least 50% sponsored by government grants; a public post-secondary Canadian college or university or CEGEP in Quebec; or a private school that is allowed to award degrees under provincial law.
  • Valid Study Visa
  • Needs Social Insurance Number(SIN)

You will NOT be allowed to work on the campus if:

  • You are not doing a Full-time program by College.
  • Study visa must be Valid.
  • No campus work if you are on authorized leave from college.
  • In case of transferring to the new school and you are not studying in the current session.

The best part of the on-Campus jobs is that the University you are studying is the recruiter for any on-campus jobs. A student group, or an organization based on campus or a facility can hire you to work for them and start your part-time work journey and can look for better work along the way.

As per the Canadian government, there is no limit on the working hours for the International student, which is a great provision made in the favour of the students.

Off-Campus Part-Time Jobs

Please understand the following points and criteria if someone works off-campus:

  • Only the students of Designated Learning Institution are permitted to work off-campus.
  • The student has to be enrolled in programs such as Secondary Level vocational training programs or post-secondary academic, vocational, or professional training programs.
  • The student must be enrolled in a program that is exceeding the time frame of 6 months, leading to a Diploma, certificate, or degree.
  • Social insurance Number is a must.
  • You should be enrolled in the current University session that means you are currently studying in the college.

There are few more key points which I would like to put the light on, by which you can start working off-campus in Canada for international students.

  • The last semester student who was studying full time, in the previous semester and now wants to study part-time, can apply for off-campus work as they do not need to the full load of the studies.
  • Please note the students who are on authorized leave by the university or in the process of changing the campus or school, will not be eligible of working off-campus.

As of the Government of Canada, there is capacity, whereas an International student can work up to in case of Off-campus jobs, which is being kept as 20 hours a week, during regular school terms or full time. There is no set number decided as of now for the breaks.

Top Part-Time Jobs In Canada For International Students

We have compiled a list of Jobs for international students coming to Canada with a respective salary range.


Booking is one of the office jobs available, to the students, under the booking the candidate needs to full fill the following task.

  • Recording daily banking transactions.
  • Recording sales or a purchase transaction.
  • Sales revenue report
  • Financial Report
  • Processing of payment
  • Reconciling the Report


A good bookkeeper should have the fair skill of time management and understand accounts and its principal and being good at mathematics always work well and helps.

Sales Assistant:

Sales Assistant is one of the core team players of the sales team, having sales Assistant provide the necessary support to the team and as well the much-needed support to the staff.

The primary job of the Sales Assistant is to increase the sales and bring in more clients and understand their needs and helping them. Assistant works with the team to make sure the right orders are being delivered on time. Good communication skills with a healthy knowledge of computers are always appreciated in the industry.

Customer Service Assistant:

Customer service is a persistent job where the candidates are asked to help the customers in the case of an issue. The customer service Assistant will help the customer is giving information, solving their issues, selling products, taking orders and solving customers complaints is all part of their responsibilities, this can be great for the people and student who have strong communications skills and wants to work in the service industry.

Office Assistant:

Office Assistant is the person who will be responsible for the task such as overseeing clerical tasks, maintaining files and filling them, documents filling, overlooking the supplies and ordering inventory, scheduling meeting and even more. He is responsible for making sure all the basic tasks have been done swiftly whereas the key members of the team can focus on other projects.


Being a cook is what everyone fancy and one should do that as well especially if you are a foreign student. There is a great demand for native food in Canada and one can apply for the position if he knows the kitchen and can cook.

They also help in the daily functioning of the kitchen, making a menu and making sure the kitchen is all up to the standard of food and safety.

Uber Driver:

Uber Driver is a job that can be done but it has few factors attached to it which are the area of the college, your vehicle, and your history of travel. If you have all the things checked marked you can apply for the uber job and start earning.


One of the easiest jobs to hunt for as part-time is the job of the Nanny, to do so you need to be open towards handling kids and their personalities. Few more things Nanny takes care of is of his or her schedule for the day, her eating habits, taking them to the school and even picking them, cleaning them, and feeding them.


Bartenders and servers are mostly available in various parts of town such as Ontario, Vancouver, and Toronto. The job of the Bartender is to mix and provide various cocktails and mocktails to the clients and on the other hand, the servers take the order and serve them as well.

Dog Walker:

A dog walker is one of the in-demand jobs in the country and clients need people to take care of their dogs.

The Dogwalker is responsible that they walk the dog and even feed them as per the client’s orders and can even be asked to take them to the vet for their general check and bring them back.


In to land yourself a part-time job, you must have the following points checked out, this will make the search and getting the job easy.

  • Make sure you have your Social Insurance Number ready, this will help in a part-time job as well as National programs and Health benefits.
  • Update cover letter, a resume is mandatory.

On-Campus & Off-Campus Jobs

  • On-campus Jobs: As we discussed before in the article that your University will be acting as your recruiter, hence it’s wise to search for jobs from the students and even looking the board of the college and especially the websites.
  • Off-campus Jobs: It’s not that difficult to land a job off-campus for international students. Please understand it’s very easy for you once you start knowing the stream you want to work in, and most importantly in Canada people really respect the network they have build-up, hence work on the same that will get you a job.

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