Tips to Excel In Board Examination

Board Examinations plays an important role in the life of students, as it is the deciding factor for their professional life. It reviews the knowledge of students and their stand amongst lakhs of students. In today’s competitive world, students need to excel in their board examination if they wish to pursue a degree from a good college. In such a highly competitive world, most of the time students feel nervous and stressed. Here are few tips to overcome all the odds and to excel in their board examination:

(i) Practice Regularly: As we know that “Practice makes a man Perfect,” a routine practice for the subject will help students to understand the concepts in a much better way and also makes them enhance their knowledge to a great extent. Subjects like maths and science should be practiced daily in order to score well in the subjects. Most of the topics like Differential equation, Number system, Calculus etc. needs regular practice to have masterly skills in those topics. Thus, if one wants to score well in their boards, regular practice is mandatory.

(ii) Schedule your preparation plan: Students must have a strategy planned for their preparation. This helps them to carry on their studying in a well-defined structure, without any confusion. Planning should be in such a manner that you get proper study time as well as rest time in between studies, to freshen up your mind.

(iii) Jot down important formulas: As we already know that the syllabus for the board examination is vast and one needs to revise each and every topic from scratch, noting down important formulas and points can be beneficial for quick revision during the final day of preparation rather than going through the complete lessons again.

(iv) Practice previous question papers: Previous year question papers can be greatly helpful in boosting up one’s confidence. Students need to practice past question papers to know about the repeated form of questions and important topics from where the questions can be framed. Thus, they can practice those topics whose weightage is more. Such as if the topic like Vectors has more weight than Percentage, then students can practice vectors for more time in order to score good results.

These tips can be very crucial to excel in the board examination. Practicing all these steps will definitely make students to follow a routine study work in a planned way thus making them prepare for their examination.

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