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Last month strategy for UPSC CSE Prelims 2020


UPSC CSE prelims 2020 is scheduled for 31 May 2020. Unlike other examinations, UPSC CSE Prelims is still following the timeline; therefore, one month left for the UPSC Prelims 2020.


The last month of the UPSC Prelims Preparation is the most crucial as it can substantially improve your chances of qualifying the exam. Over the past year, every applicant must have covered most of the syllabus, including the current affairs. Now, the last lap of the UPSC Preparation is all about revision, practice, and consolidating all the knowledge collected over the previous year.

In this article, we have compiled the strategy for the last month to improve your score in UPSC Prelims and improve your chances of qualifying the exam.

  1. Revision is your constant companion

UPSC Syllabus for Prelims 2020 is vast and exhaustive. Even if you have completed the syllabus, you must revise it numerous times. Multiple revisions ensure that you have good memorisation of the subject, and it is easier to recall topics from the vast syllabus during the exam.

Recurring revisions also ensure that you apply the correct logic for the appropriate questions which consequently reduces your negative marking and brings you a step closer to the cutoff.

  1. Follow a plan

The last 30 days are the most crucial ones for your UPSC Preparation; therefore, it is advised that you make a revision plan and follow it religiously.

Your revision plan must be divided across all the subjects and test series. In the beginning, start by allocating 2-3 days for one subject revision. Your day must be planned, such as half the day is devoted to the subject revision and the second half for the UPSC Mock test. In the end, reduce the number of days to one day for each subject and gradually cover two subjects in one day.

In this manner, you will be able to revise the complete syllabus thrice in a month.

Such a revision plan, if followed thoroughly, shall give you a considerable confidence boost, and you will be better prepared for the examination.

  1. Test Series and Previous year papers

If you do not test your preparation, you will be unable to determine the flaws and gaps remaining in the preparation. Hence, you must solve at least one UPSC Prelims mock test for GS and one for CSAT.

As mentioned earlier, in the second half of your day, you must solve the UPSC Test Series. Practicing UPSC Test Series provides a complete revision and a practice of solving the exam paper. It teaches you how to effectively utilize the time while minimizing the negative marks and increasing your score.

You must also solve the last 10 years of UPSC Previous year papers to test the water before facing the actual examination. It provides insight into your level of preparedness, and you can effectively manage your time to make the required improvements.

You can also check Gradeup for UPSC CSE Preparation for various UPSC CSE Test Series and UPSC Mock Test. You can also get access to expert-curated study material and other guidance material.

  1. Current Affairs

Current Affairs is a considerable part of the General Studies syllabus. UPSC Prelims contain numerous current affairs questions, and you are expected to cover past one year of current affairs. You must revise your current affairs notes thoroughly. If you haven’t prepared notes, you may refer to a monthly compilation of current affairs which curate all the relevant information in one place.

Given the recent conditions and uncertainties, you must ensure a healthy lifestyle along with your exam preparation. Follow a proper routine, practise social distancing and be safe.

The last month of UPSC Preparation can be overwhelming as it all comes down to 2 hours of exam time.  Hence, you must practise to remain calm and do not compare your preparation with others.

Lastly, the most crucial point is ‘Do not start a new topic now’. If you have missed specific topics, do not start them now as it will hamper the remaining preparation. You can focus on the completed syllabus and fetch maximum marks from it.

Follow the points mentioned above and trust your hard work. Remain consistent in this last lap of the race, and you will surely come out as a winner.

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