SBI HRMS: HRMS SBI Login Guide for Staff Pensioners

If you Landed on this page then you might be one of the employees of the State Bank of India i.e SBI and we are pretty sure that you are aware of the SBI HRMS i.e Human Resource Management System. it is the inbuilt HRMS SBI Portal which is used by the SBI to manage various works.

if you are looking for the SBI HRMS Login details or the way to access SBI HRMS Online Portal then we are going to explain every information related to SBI HRMS in this article such as SBI HRMS, SBI HRMS Online Portal, SBI HRMS login, SBI HRMS Pension, SBI HRMS IRJ login Portal, irj portal, SBI Staff Pensioners HRMS Portal, SBI HRMS SAP Portal, SBI HRMS Coin Portal, SBI HRMS EMS Portal.

Update: Photo upload for Pensioners is in process. Please log in using your ID and Pass and upload photograph.

What is the SBI HRMS Online Portal?

SBI HRMS 2020-2021: State Bank of India which is one of the Leading Bank of India uses a Portal named SBI HRMS or HRMS SBI. Every Company Needs software to manage its Employees Salary or Pension after their Retirement. So to Manage all these work SBI uses a Software name SBI HRMS Portal.

SBI HRMS Online Portal is the Portal which is used by the SBI Employees whether they are Working or Retired to Check their Salary Slips, Pensions, Holiday Calendar, PF, Salary Details, etc.

In addition to this, the Employees can check their SBI HRMS Pension Slip, Leaves, Appraisals, Medical Related information. Even with the help of the SBI HRMS Portal, the Employees will be able to apply for the Gratuity Nomination and Provident Fund also.

sbi hrms portal

So the Process of SBI HRMS Login is Given below:

What is SBI HRMS Login:

The Process to Login SBI HRMS Online Portal is known as SBI HRMS Login and this process requires the user id and password of the SBI Employee. The complete Process of SBI HRMS Login is given below.

Who can Acess to State Bank of India HRMS Portal?

The SBI HRMS Portal can only be accessed by the Employees who are working presently in the SBI or by the Employees who had worked in the past. They both can access this SBI HRMS Portal according to their need. SBi uses this Single portal in the whole country so you can access this HRMS Online Portal from any location or by downloading the SBI HRMS app on your smartphone.

Now after the Merger of the various Partner banks of the SBI into the SBI which happened in 2017. Employees of those banks can also be eligible to access SBI HRMS Portal. These banks are :

  • State Bank of Mysore.
  • State Bank of Hyderabad
  • State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
  • State Bank of Patiala
  • State Bank of Travancore
  • Bhartiya Mahila Bank

SBI HRMS Online Portal Login for Pensioners and Employee:

HRMS SBI Portal Login

Name of the Bank State Bank of India
Portal Name Human Resource Management System
Popular as HRMS Portal or SBI HRMS Portal
SBI Office Address Mumbai, Maharashtra
Official website

SBI HRMS Online Portal Used for
  • HRMS SBI IRJ Portal
  •  SBI HRMS SAP Portal
  •  HRMS SBI Coin
  •  HRMS Salary Slip

Steps to Access SBI HRMS Login Online Portal:

1. Visit the Website URL and hit enter. Now make sure the Homepage is Opened Correctly.

2. Navigate to the HRMS Login option available at the upper right-hand side of the page.

3. Click on the ‘HRMS LOGIN’ button.

4. Now the Screen has some Security Questions. Answer these Questions and Press Continue.

5. Now on the next screen, Enter Your Username and Login Password Allocated to you as the Employee.

6. If you Entered the Correct password then the HRMS Dashboard will Open Up

7. If you didn’t Enter the Correct details then the Error Message Shows that ‘Enter the correct Username or Password.

8. If you know the correct Login details then Enter it otherwise Click on the Forget Password Button to Reset your Login details.

9. Make sure to Logout your Account when you have done with your work.

How to Reset Password for SBI HRMS Login?

If you are unable to login because of an incorrect password, you can reset your password by following the steps available below.

  • Click on the link given below
  • Enter your ID, DOB, and Mobile number and email ID
  • You will receive a link on your phone and email
  • Open that link and set your password again

Click here to Reset your password

What You Can Access via SBI HRMS Portal for Staff and Pensioners:

The State Bank of India HRMS Portal is the portal that is used by the Present SBI Employee or the Retired Employees. The HRMS Portal Contains various important Services & features which is of use for every SBI and other Associated bank Employees daily these services are:

  • SBI Account Balance
  • Account Statement of SBI Account
  • Transaction History of the SBI Account
  • Salary Slip of Employee
  • Pension Slip of Employee
  • SBI Holiday Calendar
  • Loan Status of Account
  • Leave Apply
  • Leave reimbursement
  • Pension plan Applicable to every Employee
  • Appraisals and Promotion details

So these are the details available on the SBI HRMS Portal. Login to your SBI HRMS Portal and Enjoy the benefits of these features while sitting at your desk.

If you still have any doubts while opening or accessing SBI HRMS Online Portal then Please leave a comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Official Website Link of SBI HRMS Online Login:

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  4. Hi, I have 2 queries –
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    Please help on this on urgent basis.

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    • Ravindra sir this is just a general discussion blog but not an official support Forum. We recommend you to contact your branch manager for the correction of 16A

  5. I want to update my Mobile Number in Pension slip/HRMS. Pl advise path in self service or guide how to get it done?
    There is no option for updation in HRMS.

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  22. I can not log in my HRMS portal as I am a pensioner for my pension related purposes. My P.F. No. is 3464504.
    I request you please reset my user ID and Pass word for my convenience related to pension related issues .


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