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eHRMS Manav Sampada Self-Service Portal Guide


eHRMS or Electronic Human Resource Management System is a self-service portal ( run by the Governments. eHRMS or Manav Sampada is established for the employees and pensioners of the State Governments and Central Government. Most of the Nationalized Banks in India have opted for the eHRMS (HRMS).


eHRMS has made complicated and manual terms easy as it collects data from the employees directly. Instead of processing every request manually, the Government departments have opted to make it online. Every Employee registered at HRMS has been provided with a unique ID and Password to access HRMS portal of the respective Department.

An employee can do the multiple services online in HRMS Portal or Manav Sampada Portal. We will discuss a few before heading to guide how one can log in into HRMS and use the self-service portal easily.

ehrms manav sampada

eHRMS (Manav Sampada) Services for Employees

Service Book: Along with a Physical Service Book, HRMS provides a virtual Service Book of an employee. The Service Book keeps all records of an employee of the department.

Property Return: Employees can track the status of their registered property which falls under the centralized tax system. All transactions related to the Property are available on the HRMS portal.

Payroll Slip: An employee can easily check his/her Salary slip every month. One does not need to submit a physical application for the Pay Slip as it can be Get online at the eHRMS Portal.

Leave Application: An employee can send the leave application online. Also, one can track the status of an application on eHRMS Portal.

Reimbursements: If an employee has leave reimbursements or any other reimbursements, he can submit the application online. The status of the same can also be tracked online.

eHRMS (Manav Sampada) Services for Pensioners

Pension Slip: A pensioner can check his/her Pension status online. One can Get the pension slip online from the HRMS Portal.

Aadhaar Update: One does not need to visit the Office for the Aadhar update in pension account as one can seed the Aadhaar online through the eHRMS Portal.

Life Certificate: A pensioner can now submit the Life Certificate online. One has to verify the Aadhaar with OTP for the Life Certificate submission.

Personal Detail Updates: One can update personal details online. If one has changed address or bank account, or anything else, it can be changed online easily.

eHRMS or Manav Sampada State Government Facilities

As of now, 20 states have registered for the eHRMS at A few of the states have started their own HRMS Portal on independent domains. Several departments of Central Government are still using to collect their employees’ data.

We will be detailing all the eHRMS portals of the States and Central Government.

How to use eHRMS Manav Sampada Portal?

Using eHRMS Manav Sampada Portal is quite easy. Each of the Registered employees has a unique Login ID for the eHRMS Portal to avoid data collision. Just follow the steps below to use the Manav Sampada Portal.

  1. First of All, . on the detail of Respective Department’s HRMS portal detail available below.
  2. Then, Enter your Unique HRMS ID and Password.
  3. . Log in Button to get logged in.
  4. On the Dashboard, you are free to use any service of the HRMS.

Forgot HRMS Password?

If you have forgotten your Password of eHRMS ID, then you can retrieve a new Password using your Mobile Number and Email ID.

  1. . on Forgot Password
  2. Enter Your HRMS ID, Mobile Number, Email Address
  3. . Submit Button
  4. You will receive a new password on your email and mobile number

When you submit an application for HRMS Registration with your department, make sure to attach valid email and mobile number with the application.

We are providing List, detail and Details of all HRMS Online.

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Bank-wise HRMS Portal

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